Student Life Publishing, Birmingham, AL

  • “The Master Teacher,”, August 2005. 
  • “Master Teacher Pros and Cons,”, August 2005. 

Unpublished Works - Education


Doctoral Research Manuscripts

  • “A Study of the On-line Learning Strategy Predictors of Motivation, as Well as the Difference Between In-class and On-line Learning Strategy and Motivation Scores, Among Students Enrolled in Undergraduate Courses at Dallas Baptist University,” Doctor of Philosophy dissertation, May 2003. 
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  • “Setting Goals and Establishing Objectives,” September 2002. 
  • “The Family’s Role in Developing Children’s Self-Esteem.” July 2002. 
  • “Effective Teaching Strategies for Students with Asperger Syndrome and Other Disabilities on the Autism Spectrum,” July 2002. 
  • “Spring Training: Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities—A Leadership Training Session for Sunday School Teachers (Grades 1-6),” July 2002. 
  • “Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities,” July 2002. 
  • “The Deschooling of America,” March 2002. 
  • “The Changing Family,” October 2001. 
  • “Ethnicity Factors in Learning: A Study of African American and Asian American Learning Preferences,” October 2001. 
  • “Learning Styles and Learning Disabilities,” July 2001. 
  • “Peer Relationships Among Children, Ages 6-11,” July 2001. 
  • “The Effects of Classroom Lighting on Learning Disabled Students,” May 2001. 
  • “Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development: Ages Birth Through 12,” July 2000.