viral hope

A challenge to choose hope during times of adversity.


A word of encouragement for the shaken.

The Secret Ingredient

In uncertain times, what five-letter word is the secret ingredient to carry us through? 

Hope From the Boat

As we face some challenging days, find courage and hope that God is able to  carry us through if we follow His guidance. 

Nature Speaks

 The God who created all that exists, causes the rain to fall and sun to shine, is the One who sustains us! 

Follow Me

How to live a meaningful life. What is limiting your usefulness?

Peace in the Age of Anxiety

How is it possible to live a peaceful life in an age of great anxiety?

Surviving the Storm

Are you experiencing a storm in your life? Here is some encouragement on how to survive and thrive. 

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The Cure for Hopelessness

Do you sometimes feel helpless....or hopeless? Well, believe it or not there is ALWAYS hope. 

A Cry for Unity

In a world of hatefulness and disharmony, what fulfilling lives we could lead if we were unified!

Follow the Leader

Who are you following?  Should you be?